Constructing Albert
Albert Adrià is the world's most underated chef. Always pushing against the tide, elBulli's secret weapon is a secret no longer.
The Art of Being
Christian Junghanns, husband, father, middleclass professional & self-styled creator of NeoPop, faces down the world, both on canvas & in life, with humour & sincerity.
Dog Days
About to turn 17 Pedro is in the custody of the Juvenile Justice System. Just months before his release his instructors pose him with a new challenge: to train a dog.
The Inuit Silence
In this documentary, story and reality are both elements of a modern tale, capturing the old and the new, the legendary and the contemporary.
Alianait - Art in the Arctic
At Nunavut, the Canadian Arctic, a very special Arts festival is bringing back the pride in their own culture to the Inuit population.
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